Data Protection and Security

Standing Guard over your business 24/7

Are you protecting important data assets?

In this tech-driven era in which we live your data is so important, maybe more important that you realise. But just think about how you would feel if the following took place in your business tonight?

What if?

  • Your entire business email went offline for a week.
  • Financial records were hacked and stolen.
  • Customer list was stolen or deleted.
  • Your business IP and trade secrets were stolen.
  • Staff confidential information was stolen or lost
  • Your confidential information was sold online
  • Sensitive information was lost or destroyed

Avoiding Data Disasters

Sounds dramatic, but this happens to businesses who fail to protect their data correctly every day. If your business data is not stored correctly and protected, you could find that everything in your business grinds to a halt or worse still, you’ve lost years of records, contacts and information which in the wrong hands could cost you everything.

Servers can be replaced and rebuilt but data can’t. Once it’s gone then it’s gone! You need to ensure it is protected in the event of a disaster so that makes backups are critical, but they are not the only protection mechanism your business needs to consider to ensure that you can be back up and running.

Data Protection includes constant attention to:

  • Desktop and Server Anti-virus
  • Email SPAM, Virus and Content Filtering
  • Web Browsing Virus and Content Filtering
  • Network Firewalls and Testing
  • On-premise and Cloud data backup

Don’t wait till it’s too late, do something today about your business data security!

Even with the best tools, awareness and education play a big role in protection

Viruses, Spyware and Malware are being generated and speeds never seen before. Variants and New Virus are being detected all the time and not even the best scanners can detect or protect from some of these infections files.

They are cunning and use social engineering to coax people into clicking links, opening files and downloading attachments because they look legitimate or appear to have come from a known source. Educating staff and being aware of these approaches plays a big part of an effective data protection and security policy for businesses of all sizes.

But how will your business recover?

You have all the right tools and systems in place, and your data is well protected. But do you know how to go about getting it all back? Do you know who you can get your business back on track in the hours or days immediately after an outage or critical event?

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are critical components for your business and are more than just good technology systems. Have you considered who will do the recovery, how your staff will work and how you will service your clients if something happened that stopped your normal business processes?


Make Sure That Your Business Is Protected

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