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Why Your IT Systems and Services are holding you back.

We get contacted every day by Chief Financial Officers and Business Owners who are frustrated and overwhelmed by problems with the IT systems in their businesses. “Why does it always seem that I get one thing sorted, and another problem shows up and wastes my valuable time?” they say.

To many business owners and C-Suite managers are losing valuable working time “putting out fires,” changing IT systems and retraining staff just because what they’re doing isn’t right for their particular business.

Before you invest another second or more dollars in fixing, supporting or upgrading your IT you need to realise that a lot has changed in business over the last five years and it’s impacting your entire organisation’s productivity and profitability.

Take a look at what’s changed


The tech revolution has dramatically changed everything in our society. It’s just not the same world it was five short years ago.


The nature, pace & demands of work have changed. Your Staff & Customers need to be helped not hindered by your IT infrastructure & systems.


Technology is no longer a department in your business, it’s become the FOUNDATION on which every department depends.

“Information Technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven.

I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other”

Bill Gates

Microsoft Founder and Chairman

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Common IT Problems

In this technology revolution, your business doesn’t just use technology, it’s completely dependent on IT. Your entire operation is at the mercy of your IT hardware, software and services. If your IT goes down, your business goes down.

Because of this we’ve found that many Business Owners and C-Suite managers can at times suffer from IT related stress caused by 3 fundamental issues in their business.

Many businesses suffer because they’re :

Built On Poor IT Foundations

IT is often seen as an annoying expense rather than a fundamental business foundation so many companies run on a mix of old & new systems, things don’t work well & they experience problems all the time!

Business & IT Strategy are not Aligned

When your IT strategy is not aligned with your business goals and service delivery standards, IT becomes a frustrating “necessary evil” instead of the most productive and cost effective partner on your team.

Failing to Take Proactive Approach

When businesses fail to proactively define, design and deploy the right IT support strategy, they spend their days “putting out fires” and getting frustrated by the lack of effectiveness and productivity. Poor IT always costs more!

Our IT Solutions

For over 10 years, we’ve been helping businesses to deliver outstanding products and services by providing them Stress Free IT strategy, support and services. Our services help your management and staff to get on with your core business functions without the normal hassles of IT that is mismatched, difficult to master and expensive to maintain.

Our IT methodology & Services will help you to:

Place Your Business on a Firm IT Foundation

We’ll ensure that every part of your business runs on a safe, secure & efficient IT foundation & that you experience “Stress Free IT”

Get Your IT Strategy Aligned with Your Business Goals

We’ll get your IT systems working with you instead of against you and help you to hit your business goals faster using the latest IT systems, software & cloud solutions.

Help You Remain Proactive & In Control

By taking a planned & proactive approach to IT, we’ll help everyone in your business to enjoy productive & meaningful work everyday, uninhibited by old ineffective IT systems.It’s time for Stress Free IT!

Our IT Strategy Process


We'll help you figure out what IT systems will help you to efficiently run and scale your business.



We'll help you to design a complete IT system for every area of your business that will save you time and money.


We'll set up your hardware, software, cloud and training to deploy your new IT systems in your business.


We'll help you to direct each IT strategy so that you get the results that you need when you need them.

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Our IT Services

Technology has become a mainstay of every business. Although nearly everyone we meet claims that they aren’t “tech savvy” within minutes, they and everyone else in the vicinity is tapping away on a computer or smartphone. The truth is that your whole business relies on technology just to stay viable.

The difference is now that IT is no longer just a department in your business, it’s become the foundation of your business. Don’t believe me? Just let me go and turn your internet off and we will see how long it takes for your business to stop!

The fact is that even if you don’t run a technology business, every part of your business (finance, sales, marketing, customer service and HR) sits on a foundation of technology. Our team will help to define, design, deploy and direct an IT strategy that will set every system in your business to run efficiently and assist you to scale your business to the size you know it can be.

Build your business on a firm foundation and scale for success!

Stress-Free IT

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • 24/7 User Support
  • Technology Alignment and Planning
  • Your own Virtual Chief Information Officer
  • National On-site Services

Cloud & Infrastructure

  • Cloud Servers
  • Virtual Data Centres
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Hosted Voice Solutions
  • Internet and Wide Area Networks
  • Hardware and Software Procurement


Data Protection & Security

  • Endpoint Anti-virus Protection
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Email & Web Virus and Content Filtering
  • Cyber Security
  • Backup and Site Recovery

Business Solutions

  • Microsoft Office 365 Email Solutions
  • Cloud-based Data Storage
  • Cloud CRM Solutions
  • Financial and Business Management

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What you will achieve with us

For many businesses IT Problems can leave owners, managers and C-Suite executives a little confused at times. There’s simply so many options and so many people feel a little intimidated by the whole IT thing, especially when it breaks down.

Our clients, however know what it means to experience “Stress Free IT” It’s a feeling that if anything does go wrong, the Wyntec team will be on the case and have everything running smoothly again.

But it’s more than that. Stress Free It comes from preparing before hand to pick the right strategies and the right IT systems for your individual business.

Connect with us today and learn what Stress Free It feels like.


Set your business up on a firm IT foundation.

Let us help you figure out what’s best for your business and what going to set you up for the future.


Get Your IT strategy working for your towards your goals

We’ll design a strategy that will get you to where you want to go, quickly, easily & affordable.


Get things back under control.

No more fighting fires, and messing about. We’ll get your IT sorted once & for all.

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